Kibabii University Christian Union

"Stand Up For Jesus"

Technical & Instrumentalist



Hey, praise God beloved children of God. This is KIBUCU church technical and instrumentalists department. We cherish the love of GOD through praises and worship through the sounding instruments just as David urges us in Psalms 150:3-5. This segment of KIBUCU church is dedicated to serve GOD by ensuring the church services are supplied with good sound system and in good time. We work hand in hand with the praise and worship team and choir by providing instrumental accompaniment under the umbrella of the music department.

As a department we’ve experience a steady growth over the past few years. The following are some of them:

  1. Diversification of talents and skills in playing and operation of the instruments
  2. Introduced special training sessions for new comers and the advancing members
  3. Improved sound techniques and creativity among the members

Just to testify, many come with little or no knowledge about operation the machines, but through practice and dedication they’ve experienced admirable achievements and growth including me personally. All this has been possible through trust in Gods and persistence in prayer. This is also possible to anyone out there with doubt. For grace of God has appeared to all men you included (Titus 2:11-13)

Karibu karibu sana kwa hii ministry ka una kafeeing that una talent and calling there’s is a chance kwa kila msee. We embrace diversity; be it gender, race and people from all walks of life.Contact us on; 0791047355 or 0743286636.

Remember hope has a face, JESUS. DO NOT hang up your harp in the willows instead pick it up dust up yourself and carry on (PSALMS 137: 1-2)”

           #Roman 8:1 (no condemnation to them that are in CHRIST JESUS)

         #LOVE and TOGETHERNESS is our strength