Moses Simiyu Kundu

The Kibabii University Christian Union Chairperson.

Mary Mwelu

She is the Chairlady of the Kibabii University Christian Union.

Eric Mutembei

He is the Secretary  of the KIBU CU. He is also the  author of the books  “Who Do You Call a Friend ” and “Unbridle Your Potential”.

Douglas Muriuki

He is the  Discipleship Coordinator of the KIBU CU

Loice Nadiza

She is the Vice Secretary of KIBU CU.

Juliet Mueni

She is the Mission Coordinator of Kibabii University Christian Union.

Shem Terem

He is the head of Technical  Department at KIBU CU.

Onesmus Fadhili

He is a Choir,  V.O.T( Voice Of Truth), Coordinator of KIBU CU

Eunice Indeche

She is the head of Ushering of the KIBU CU.

Jackline Mumbe

She is the Prayer Coordinator  of the KIBU CU