Kibabii University Christian Union

"Stand Up For Jesus"




  1. A full membership

Shall be open to all bonafide registered undergraduate/diploma/certificate students of Kibabii University on session who ascribe to the doctrinal basis of Article 2.5 and conscientiously sign the following declaration.

“In joining KIBUCU I declare my faith in Jesus Christ as my personal savior, my Lord, and my God and it’s my desire by the grace of God to live a life in consistency with this declaration. I am also determined to give active support to KIBUCU as it seeks to fulfill its aims.”

  1. Special membership

Shall be open to postgraduate and staff members of Kibabii University by signing article 3.1(i) also subject to article 2.5.

  • Alumni membership

Shall be open to former students of Kibabii University who were members of KIBUCU by signing the article 3.1(i) also subject to article 2.5


Full members shall be;

  1. Eligible to hold office EXCEPT for first years and finalists who will not be eligible to hold office in the Executive Committee.
  2. Eligible to participate in the nomination of officials of KIBUCU EXCEPT first years.
  3. Entitled to requisition for and vote in any General meeting.
  4. Capable of proposing and effecting alteration, modification or other amendments to this constitution subject to article 12.
  5. Supporting the union financially.

Special members shall;

  1. Not be eligible to hold office
  2. Be Non-eligible to participate in the nomination of officials of KIBUCU.
  3. Be eligible to vote in general meeting.

Alumni members

  1. Shall be free to participate in the activities of KIBUCU.
  2. Shall be entitled to vote in a general meeting.
  3. Shall not be entitled to nominate or to be nominated to be members of any committee except in the Advisory Committee.
  4. Shall actively support the union in achieving its aims.
  5. Shall form an alumni fellowship whose target membership will be all alumni members of the union.
  6. All members shall be expected to contribute to the union as the Lord leads them


  1. In case of completion o.r termination of studies one ceases from being a full or a special member.
  2. In case of termination of work, one ceases from being a special member.
  3. In case of a written resignation to the unions executive committee through the secretary.
  4. When careful and judicious exercise of power conferred on the Executive Committee.
  5. In case of death.