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From the KIBUCU Executive Committee, We are glad to inform you that we have resumed and all activities of the church are ongoing and we request you to be partakers .The C.U activities include: Corporate prayers daily in ABB 310 from 8-9pm Prayer and Fasting, conclusion Prayers in ground floors of ABB. Monday-Media department, Instrumentalists Department, Music Department. Tuesday-Ushering Department. Wednesday-Discipleship Department. Thursday-Executive Committee. Friday-Prayer Department Church Services Sunday Service: 8am to 11am in Auditorium C. Friday Services:7:20pm to 9:00pm in Auditorium C.

Topic: Starting Strong in Lord

Greetings to you and Praise God! I pray that God has kept you safe. You are invited to Bible Study Weekend that begins this Evening from 7:30pm to 9pm in Auditorium C. Purpose to attend our Sunday fellowship which will be the climax of the weekend. May God keep you safe! Regards KIBUCU

Praise the lord! Hope you are doing well in the Lord. You are very much welcomed to this Sunday’s fellowship(23rd May, 2021)