Kibabii University Christian Union

"Stand Up For Jesus"


Genesis 1:27. God created men and women differently. That means that some of the needs we have are very gender specific.
The brothers and sisters forum involve two groups (brothers and sisters) meeting separately or jointly to discuss issues/needs that relate to them. The forum aim is to meet needs that members consider special inter-gender and intra-gender. Such needs would not be properly engaged in a main fellowship because of the sensitivity attached. Such needs include management of cross gender relationship, financial management, self-awareness and self-esteem. Such issues are considered personal and are emotional in nature.
The objectives of this forum should be;
1. To help the brothers and sisters identify, appreciate and engage the intra and inter-gender special needs for the purpose of holistic growth.
2. To enhance the biblical understanding of human sexuality as a key part of growth in discipleship.

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