Kibabii University Christian Union

"Stand Up For Jesus"


Discipleship is aimed to deepen and strength the spiritual life of members by the study of the bible, prayer and fellowship.
Discipleship is a program that will allow the heart of the disciples to grow into Christ like and develop convictions of the reality of Christ and thereafter growing in relationship till there is nothing but oneness in Christ. Discipleship is a process not an event. We never graduate from growing more like Christ. It is a goal that should consume our attention until the day we meet Jesus face to face. It must be an intentional focus of every believer and every Christian ministry.-you don’t become like Jesus through impartation but by learning from him. For every believer, discipleship is our way of life because we are all learning from Christ as we read and practice his word.
Discipleship involves a lot, but I would like us to focus on the area of “ESTABLISH – Nurturing growth into maturity”. Establish is the formational part of discipleship that involves nurturing members into spiritual growth and maturity. Under this area we focus on;
1. Knowing God deeply: Train members to develop a vibrant, growing and personal relationship with God through practicing the discipline of word and prayer.
2. Character Transformation: Help members learn and practice obedience to God and living spiritual-controlled life as a foundation for their character transformation to Christ-likeness.
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