A visit to Bungoma Referral Hospital

Hospital Ministry

It was the morning of 16th February 2019, a Saturday and a day many people opt to stay at their places of residence taking a break from all the tussles the week had for them. But it was not so for the missioners. Groups of Kibu CU missioners gathered at sunrise at the main parking ready and loaded with excitement. Their goal was one: to visit the sick. It was quite an experience to look forward to.

Usually, not everyone is comfortable around the hospital environment. But this day was different. Missioners had chosen to put their trust in God for the provision of strength. The joy of wanting to speak a word of blessing and encouragement to a sick person kept us strong. “It would be great to motivate someone today”, I thought to myself, “and I was right”.

The time to depart came and our campus driver was more than happy to be the one to ferry the missioners to Bungoma Referral Hospital. Fortunately, there was some time to cool off the anxiety before heading into to the various wards to begin our ministry. Once inside the Hospital, we at once noticed the change in the environment. It was inevitable to notice the hard work done by the staff to keep everything going on smoothly. The pavements were well cleaned, no litter was laying around, patients were in their respective wards and the environment simply formed a perfect place for healing. One thing you could not miss was the expertly trimmed flowers and hedges along pavements. Someone must have put a lot of energy and dedication to make that happen. It was a beautiful view to behold. As much as we would have loved to catch a glimpse of every corner of the hospital, we knew there was a lot of work ahead of us, and in groups of five or more, we began our ministry.

Once in the wards, you could not help but realize how great a gift health is to a human being from God. Some were admitted for malaria, others Anemia, others suffered from depression among other ailments. Some were in pain and stress. But our mission was firm, spread the Good News to all, encourage them and pray in faith that through God’s will they may be healed. We spent this quality time sharing with the patients and some could not help it but shed tears along the discussions and prayers. How else can you practice Christianity if you do not show love to your neighbor? Watching fellow missioners amidst their service, it was plainly noticeable that a transformation in the lives of the patients was inevitable.

Not only was the spread of the Good News meant for the patients, but also to the staff members. In their offices, we were warmly welcomed and we gladly took the opportunity. They had some good work going on and they were giving their all. “And whatever you do, do it with all your heart as working for the Lord, not human masters”, Colossians 3:23. This was one of the core messages we shared with the staff. They were more than thankful to have us visiting the hospital. On the other hand, we were glad that they allowed us to secure blessings by performing a service to the Lord by the works we were doing.
The day was not over yet and before lunch, we spared some time to do sweeping around the compound. The day was well spent and everyone had had a chance to encourage, share with, learn from and pray with someone. May it be your mission from today that you may seek every opportunity to serve God by showing love to your neighbor in whatever situation they are in.


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