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To help members keep their roots deep in the Lord, build their lives on him and become strong in their faith by his word and be filled with thanks giving as his witness through Bible study, discipleship and evangelism.


To transform, develop and empower for life and godliness through the knowledge of Christ.


Kibabii University Christian Union was founded back in 2012 by a group of born again brothers and sister,it started as a prayer group held in Hostel 2 room 95 which was composed of four members.

It conducted its first interdenominational service on 18th March 2012.The first executive board was formed and it served for a duration of three years till the transition that was done on 30th March 2014. The congregation grew as more students joined the university in 2012 and the later years .Today the union has grown and it has a population of about 2000 members and all thanks and glory is unto the Lord
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You can NEVER have a new page in life if you continue revisiting/re-reading the old pages.It is an experience which I must confess that if not God, then it’s unbearable.It is a good thing to serve the Lord, the level of your influence is determined by how nigh you’re to God.The vineyard of God has plenty of harvest, only those who are not myopic enjoy working in the garden. It’s the sweetest garden to work in, the place where beautiful fruits are reaped and the only spot on earth where people long not to get in.This explains why the world is this way, people do not desire the best. They just want what they can get, they do not go an extra mile of acquiring the best, they are afraid because a price must be paid. Desire the best and be excellent If you want something worth, you must be ready to pay the price



  One counselor once said, “where there is a high tech there is a high touch”. Therefore, to be a balanced scholar, one needs to strengthen his spiritual domain. The word of God empowers a young scholar to stand out above all impediments that can curtail them from achieving their career dream.In psalm 138:7; The Lord will perfect everything concerning me by his Word. The C.U offers a golden opportunity for Christian student not only to be preached to but to be mentored by professional preachers who not only preach but also live the talk. It gives one a shoulder to lean on in adversity and blessed hope in the future. With God, everything is possible to them who not only read but also walk and pray the word. Amen


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